COOL DIY Wall Deco with Porcelaine Markers

October 27, 2017




Every weekend, me and my hobby likes to visit thrift stores and flea markets here in the Netherlands, he likes to collect records and turning tables, and I love to "sniffel" for vintage home deco, paintings and anything that will strikes my creativity.




FInally I found a beautiful, used plates that I can use for handlettering. One is with beautiful triangular borderlines, which I use later for handlettring quotes, the other is with cute blue dear  drawing in the nature, that will be with modern handleterring aswell and last one is with dots, which  soon use to  draw some illustration.  


Paper does not have to be the only surface you can decorate with creative colouring, writing and designs. Thanks to these forgiving pens, you can now decorate your kitchen crockery sets, jars, eggcups and containers and it’s so easy with the choice of colours available to harmonise with your table decorations and home décor to create a wonderful environment at home. The best part is, you dont need lots of paper to practice. You can easily wipe it out if you accidentally made mistakes. ( this is applicable only before you bake it in the oven)


 Materials you need:

Used or new  plates (ceramic/porcelaine)

Domestic oven

Your PORCELAINE pens/markers




Please keep the following advices in mind before, during and after decorating porcelain:

  1. Before decorating, clean thoroughly in the dishwasher and use a detergent or denatured alcohol to remove fingerprints or traces of grease.

  2. As you decorate, make sure there are no unnecessary fingerprints underneath the ink as you apply it.

  3. Only use the brushpen for decorative purposes. Avoid decorating areas of the porcelain that are used for cutting, eating or drinking. For example, only decorate the rim of a plate or the outside of a mug.

  4. Daily cleaning: avoid friction, rubbing and scrubbing by positioning the item in the dishwasher so that it is not in contact with other items of crockery or cutlery

My designs:

With creating your design, you can just use your own handscript or penmanship, look for a nice quotes in Pinterest, for inspiration or download some free stencils online to use. 


If you are not good with drawing, use transper technique, print  you design, place it on top of tracing paper ( carbonpaper) and then place it on your clean plate, and starts tracing it. once your done with tracing, Use your porcelaine pens by tracing the drawing on your plate and that's easy!




 I hope you get some ideas here, and I would really like to see your design and ideas ! If you have some questions, please email me at


Check out my Youtubechannel  (link below) for video instruction.... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!













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